• Street Dreams Soccer Academy

Brandon Manzo

Welcome, Brandon! Brandon is a gifted player that will add passion both on offense and defense. We are excited about your desire to contribute on and off the field. ⠀

Les presentamos a Brandon! Brandon es un jugador muy talentoso que brinda mucha pasión tanto en lo ofensivo como en lo defensivo. Estamos agradecidos con su deseo de contribuir dentro y fuera del campo. ⠀

School/Escuela: Audubon Technology and Communication⠀⠀

⁣Favorite team/Equipo favorito: FC Barcelona ⠀

Favorite player/jugador favorito: Messi⠀⠀

Why do you want to play for SDSA/ ¿Por qué deseas jugar para SDSA? ⠀

“Milwaukee is portrayed to be such a bad city but isn’t recognized for its talent from the many kids growing up playing soccer and everyone knowing each other. This team has all types of energy and different types of motivation in it that can lead us to success!”⠀


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