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Cesar Martinez

Welcome, Cesar Martinez! César is an intelligent player and a leader. He is motivated to compete, to improve, and to give back. ⠀

Les presentamos a César Martínez! César is un jugador inteligente, y un líder. Está motivado por competir, por mejorar, y por servir a los demás. ⠀

Escuela/school: St. Thomas More High School

Favorite team/Equipo favorito: FC Barcelona⠀

Favorite player/Jugador favorito: Lionel Messi⠀

Why do you want to play for SDSA? “After playing club for almost all my life, I’ve noticed and experienced that Hispanics and Latinos are often viewed less and with no potential. But with SDSA a new opportunity has been given and we’re going to show everyone, that no matter our background and heritage, we can succeed as we represent our hometown and community of Milwaukee.”⠀

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