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Ivan Gonzalez (Chikis)

⁣Welcome, Ivan Gonzalez (Chikis)! Chikis is a talented goalkeeper that is also quality on the field. He’s agile, fearless, and plays every game with passion. Let’s gooooo! ⠀

Les presentamos a Iván González (Chikis)! Chikis es otro porterazo que juega muy bien como jugador de campo. Es ágil, y juega con pasión y sin temor. Vamos!!! ⠀

School/Escuela: Bradley Tech⠀

Favorite team/Equipo favorito: FC Barcelona ⠀

Favorite playerJugador favorito: Guillermo Ochoa

Why do you want to play for SDSA? “I want to play for SDSA to show people what these streets dreams are really about and to play the game we all really love.”⠀

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