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José Luis (Wicho)

Welcome, José Luis (Wicho) ! ⠀

Wicho is a natural leader on and off the field. He’s constantly working on improving, and other players breed off of his example. He cares about his development as a player but also about making those around him better, too. Glad to have you, Wicho!⠀

Wicho es un líder natural dentro y fuera del campo. Trabaja constantemente para mejorar, y eso hace que otros jugadores sigan su ejemplo. Se preocupa por su desarrollo individual como jugador, pero también por mejorar a los que le rodean. Bienvenido Wicho! ⠀

Escuela/School: Messmer/Grandview High School(senior)⠀

Favorite Team/ Equipo favorito: Liverpool F.C. ⠀

Favorite Player/Jugador favorito: Cristiano Ronaldo ⠀

Why do you want to play with SDSA? “To play the beautiful game, and make a really big impact to the community. Street Dreams is more than just soccer, it is to teach players and coaches; respect, responsibility, and role model, not only on the field but outside in the community, businesses, etc. That’s a big part of the team and how we represent who we are.”⠀

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