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Jose aka Jr

Welcome, Jose aka Jr! Jr is a very gifted player that seeks to inspire both on and off the field. His past few years haven’t been easy, but he wants to give hope to others, and celebrate his dad’s life while playing fútbol and giving back. We are very pleased to have him in our family! ⠀⠀


Les presentamos a Jose (Jr). Jr es un jugador con mucho talento que quiere inspirar dentro y fuera del campo. Los últimos años de su vida no han sido fácil pero el quiere darle esperanza a los demás, celebrando la vida de su padre al jugar fútbol y servir a la comunidad. Estamos muy contentos de que sea parte de nuestra familia! ⠀⠀


School/Escuela: Alexander Hamilton High School

Favorite team/Equipo favorito: Fc Barcelona⠀⠀

Favorite player/ Jugador favorito: Ronaldinho⠀⠀


“I want to play/represent SDSA to make a change in our community around Milwaukee, to show others we’re some young talented kids from the barrio with a hustlers ambition trying to pursue our dreams of making it big one day and putting Milwaukee on the map. ⠀⠀


My father meant to the world me, if it wasn’t for him I don’t know where or what I would be doing with my life right now. All he wanted to do was make the south side community of Milwaukee a safer place and lead the children he loved coaching or that would come around to become a good person and/or later on maybe even being a role model for the future generation. Anything you needed he would try his best to accomplish or work on with whatever it was. Parents would be scared their kids were falling off the right path and would come to my dad for advice. What would he do? One on one talk with the player/child to try and get them to stay on the right path and not to fall into the wrong path. Sadly he passed away about two years ago and that’s another reason why I’m looking forward to play/represent Street Dreams Soccer Academy, to continue what he had planned for our community and families around Milwaukee to help the younger kids reach their dreams one day.” ⠀⠀

Rest In Peace Fernando aka Toluco⠀⠀


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