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Street Dreams


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About Us

Street Dreams Soccer Academy was founded by five childhood friends with the desire to have an impact in the community that raised us. We believe all children should have access to a fútbol environment where they are being challenged and developed. Growing up, the five of us were all fortunate enough to have people in our lives who made playing club possible, so we want to do that for our youth. 

Our approach to sport is centered around culturally relevant, community lead innovation. We seek to optimize positive-youth-development via mentorship, family engagement, and community collaborations.

 Our goal is to provide a competitive soccer environment where youth are challenged, supported, and encouraged to be the best versions of themselves on and off the field. We believe it is important to invest in our youth of today because they are the future leaders of tomorrow.

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Street Dreams Soccer Academy aims to provide inner city youth with an experience that inspires leadership, integrity, and service to others through mentorship, character development, and innovative opportunities to excel on and off the soccer field.



Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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